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I replaced all my brake lines and for connecting sections of tubes I use an OE
fitting (part # 411611789).

I hope it helps.

>From: "Dave Pisciotta"
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>Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 14:55:10 +0000
>Hello all,
> I have a question for anyone who's done some brake line plumbing.
>I would
>like to remove my ABS. Before anyone jumps on me for deleting a
>feature", I don't want to get into the debate. Suffice it to say
>that it is non-functioning, it's not just a sensor, and I wouldn't
>use it
>even if it did work.
> That having been said, I'm searching for an elegant solution to
>pull out
>the pump assembly and couple the lines. My question is with regard
>to the
>fitting one would use to couple two male ends of brake tubing.
>First, does
>anyone know of a source for such a fitting? Second, I assume that
>these are
>all ISO double flares? I have been able to find some aeroquip and
>metric adaptor fittings for brake lines, however, these all seem to
>be meant
>for the female threads on the calipers, rather than adapting from
>the ISO
>flare to AN, or something more standard. As always your thoughts
> Sincerely,
> Dave
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