will 200 wipers arms fit on a 5k??

Dave C conner at cfm.Ohio-State.edu
Tue Aug 6 13:10:37 EDT 2002

Chris asks...
"will wiper arms off a '90 audi 200 fit on a 5k?  theyre nicer because they
have a hinge on them so you can clean the windhield/change the wiper blades
 anyone know if theyll fit the 5k?   any other 200 stuff that will fit on a

Yes, they will fit.  They need to go on the correct side as there is a left
and right.

Other good stuff that will swap off of the newer models ...
The dipstick with red plastic handle works in place of the earleir one with
bent piece of wire handle.
Plenum cover ( under the windshield wipers) ... some of the newer 100/200
models have a much sturdier version of this plasstic cover and they are
Dave C.

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