FW: Cabriolet question

Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
Tue Aug 6 19:12:46 EDT 2002

I dont know how to disable it, but the reason for this is so you wont
open the trunk lid when the hood cover is open. This way, you'll quickly
dent the lid and chip the paint on the hood cover. Why do you want to
open the trunk when the hood cover is open anyways? It will only move a
few millimeters before they crash together.

87 Cq

Beer, Jerald wrote:

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>>I have both a 97 an a 94. The 94 has a trunk interlock which prevents the
>>top from going down unless the trunk is locked. Is there a fuse/relay to
>>remove to defeat this annoying feature?? The 97 thankfully does not have
>>it. I know this one is a bit obscure, but I have my faith in the Qlist!!
>>gsfent at prodigy.net
>>91 200qa
>>97 Cab
>>94 Cab

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