Dying 5k

Ameer Antar antar at attbi.com
Tue Aug 6 17:28:58 EDT 2002

Almost 99% chance this is a vac. leak. Make sure to take ALL intake hoses out and
inspect. Many times the problems are on the underside where you won't be able to
see them by just looking over the intake system. Check all related components
eg. air cleaner, vac. lines, etc....sometimes, leaks can develop at the back of
intake manifold, or at the injectors. If the car is acting up like that, the leak is
probably pretty substantial, so you should be able to find it. After that, check the
fuel items...eg. fuel filter, injectors, system pressure, etc. Good luck.


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>Subject: Dying 5k
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>hello all,
>patient is an 86 5k with approx. 145k on the clock. The symptoms: when
>you step on the gas pedal there is no
>power, it eventually will get up to speed but not after considerable
>hesitation. The fuel pump was replaced a few years back but it has been
>humming happily away for the past year or so. could this be vacuum
>related or should i
>start with the fuel system?
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