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Beer, Jerald jbeer at BooseCasey.com
Tue Aug 6 13:29:02 EDT 2002

Thx for response. I don't want to open the trunk, I just want it unlocked,
or more correctly, locked and unlocked with the doors. If I normally lock it
only with the doors, I have to go out and put the trunk in the "lock only "
position with the key (key opening vertical) and then get back in the car
and take down the top (I guess unless I leave the doors locked and climb out
through the open window, since unlocking the door to get out automatically
unlocks the trunk!). This vertical key position prevents the trunk  from
locking and unlocking with the doors. In its infinite wisdom, Audi got rid
of this feature by 97. I know since I have one of those too!!!! I have never
had a problem with the 97. I understand the wisdom of not opening the trunk
when putting back the top, but not the interlocking feature.  I know there
has to be a switch or relay that tells the system the trunk is locked which
in theory is defeatable................
Jerry 91 200qa
97 Cab
94 Cab

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I dont know how to disable it, but the reason for this is so you wont
open the trunk lid when the hood cover is open. This way, you'll quickly
dent the lid and chip the paint on the hood cover. Why do you want to
open the trunk when the hood cover is open anyways? It will only move a
few millimeters before they crash together.

87 Cq

Beer, Jerald wrote:
>>I have both a 97 an a 94. The 94 has a trunk interlock which prevents
>>the top from going down unless the trunk is locked. Is there a
>>fuse/relay to remove to defeat this annoying feature?? The 97
>>thankfully does not have it. I know this one is a bit obscure, but I
>>have my faith in the Qlist!! TIA Regards,
>>gsfent at prodigy.net

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