K24 vs RS2 Spool-up. RS2 Results is now turbo comparison...

Michael Gough mdg3369 at newtsplace.com
Tue Aug 6 10:38:39 EDT 2002

> 1.  Detonation.  8.4:1 compression may need to be reduced.  I was thinking of
> stacking 2 head gaskets and using an adjustable timing gear (or offset
> woodruff key.)  Gary wants to use H2O injection, which is intriguing (sp?),
> but I wonder about packaging and maintenance of yet another system on this
> car, and what happens if it stops working at 2.5 bar?
God no don't use two head gaskets! This is the biggest hack in the world of
turbos. If you really feel you need lower compression from the MC2, either
grind out some combustion chamber material to make the CC bigger, or upgrade
(downgrade?) to the MC1 block. Because of the crappy (91 octane) fuel
available in CA, I decided to go with the MC1 for my new motor.

> 2.  The k24.  No one thinks it will push that much air at the top end without
> dying a hot, horrible death.  I know that the rs2 is the berries for this, but
> what about a k26 for a cheaper solution?  I liked Gary's idea of bolting the
> hot side of a k26 onto my k24.  What does one need to know about doing this?
> Is it possible?
The K26 (as installed on the 5kt anyway) probably isn't the best turbo for
super duper high performance. Ned posted a few years back that it's good for
about 300hp, but you're probably better off with something making less heat
at that same airflow level. I'd go (and probably will) with a Garrett,
simply because there are compressor maps available for them, and several
match up damn near perfectly for the Audi 2.2, at whatever pressure ratio
you'd like to run.

> Let's keep this conversation going.  Tell me where I'm wrong.  I think we're
> onto something...
> Let's build some 280+ hp sleepers on the cheap...
How are you going to inject more fuel "on the cheap"? Just wonderin'
The motor I'm building has to be the cheapest 2.2 motor ever made that'll
break 300hp, and it's going to wind up at about $1500 when its said and
done, cheap for some, outrageously expensive for others. It'll be a fully
rebuilt motor, with a K26/27 hybrid (might replace with a Garrett, gotta see
how it performs) Elgin cam, EFI, header etc. etc.
Another thing to realize...To get 280 HP, you're looking at some serious
stuff other than simply raising the boost and a big turbo. With an otherwise
stock motor, you'd need 22psi to get 280HP. Talk about detonation problems
on pump gas. However if you move the peak HP up to 6500 Rpm with a cam and
some head work, you'll make the same HP on 16 PSI of boost; much more
friendly with pump gas.
Anyway that's enough of a rant from me this morning. If you want to babble
more, or find out more about my new motor, drop me an email.

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