More info on cold start problem '90 200tqa

Ti Kan ti at
Tue Aug 6 12:51:17 EDT 2002

Keith Lawyer writes:
> Again, symptoms are crank, kinda-sorta attempt to fire, crank for time
> eternal.  MUST stop cranking, sit, wait and repeat, each time w/improved
> suceess until car will idle.  It's during the "kinda-sorta attempt to
> fire" that I saw ground for the CSV.  Everything I've read seems to
> indicate it should ground during cranking..........?
> Of course I realize this is temp dependent; car had been sitting all
> night, I'd say outside ambient temp was approx 50-55 degrees, but it
> will exhibit the same "cold-start" symptoms after sitting for 4+ hours
> in 90 degree heat.

I think you have a insufficient residual fuel pressure problem instead of
a cold start valve problem.  After only 4 hours of of sitting in 90+ heat,
the cold start valve shouldn't even come into play at all.  You either have
leaky injector(s), a bad fuel accumulator, or a fuel pump check valve
that does not hold pressure.

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