Monterey historics?

JShadzi at JShadzi at
Tue Aug 6 17:45:12 EDT 2002

Hmm, same weekend as Dubwar where I'll be, now if they had drag racing at the Historics....


In a message dated Tue, 6 Aug 2002 10:49:07 AM Eastern Standard Time, urq <urq at> writes:

>Yup, I'm around ... but I will not be able to attend the Historics this
>year.  It is a bummer because a friend of mine who moved from the area that
>I've been bugging to come back for the Historics has decided to do just that
>this year!  I forwarded Jeff's note to the ba-group list on audifans ... so
>if there are any others who are interested in participating you may want to
>check out the traffic there ...
>Steve Buchholz
>San Jose, CA (USA)
>> Jeff, as I just moved to Sacramento from Denver, I'd
>> be up for a meeting at Monterey. I've only been there
>> once, and never to this event. Steve, are you around,
>> you're in the bay area right?

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