Replacing my 87 5ktq

Zsolt Kovacs zsolt1 at
Tue Aug 6 16:47:35 EDT 2002

I would also agree with Jim about the type 44 car. I recently test drove
an S6 that was for sale for $ 27k (CAN). Comparing it to a nice low
mileage type 44 for max $7k (CAN) even if I spend another 3k on
modifications, the type 44 sounds like a bargain. Locally (Calgary,
Alberta) one can find quite a few of those cars even the 1988 Olympic
Edition with suede/leather combo interior. E.g. there was one in the
paper for around 6k (CAN) with less than 100k km not so long ago.

Just my 2 cents (CAN) :)

james accordino wrote:

> How about another much lower mileage type 44?  They're
> very cheap lately.  My 89 is at 223K and I think I'll
> also keep it until at least 300K.  If situations stay
> the same, I'll probably be in the market for another
> "baby" 200 with 100K something miles.
> Jim Accordino

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