Turbo fever (aquamist)

Jenny Curtis jenny at physics.umn.edu
Tue Aug 6 17:42:47 EDT 2002

Hi Q-list:

Well it was another car week-end for me, only this time the destination
was the Saab owners convention in Ohio.  (My husband owns a Saab 900T,
and it was his turn to pick a car-related activity).  While there we
checked out some of the tuning tents and saw a demonstration of the
Aquamist system.  It looks pretty cool.  It got me to thinking about
that Ur-Quattro that I'm trying to finagle.  (I have found the car: the
owner needs to get rid of it, wants to sell it to me, but is really
having a hard time coming up a with a price. I think he's just having a
hard time thinking about parting with it.)  The Ur-Q has turbo-saver (it
looks like a nitrous bottle, but it hooks into a pre-water cooled turbo
to keep it from burning up).  Now aquamist claims to provide cooling
protection as well as performance gains.  Has anyone used these systems?
The HP gains claimed for the 900 seemed unbelievably big, almost double
what a tuned 900 like Graham's gets.  Could they really be all that?

With the possibility ur-Q looming on the horizon I really have turbo
fever.  I got to drive a friend's turbo SPG for a couple of hours on the
way back from the convention and boy was it fun.  However I really
wished I was driving the princess when we were going trorugh slick rainy
Chicago freeways in bumper to bumper traffic.  Ahh to have the best of
both worlds...power and traction...soon, hopefully, very soon.

'86 4kQ:The Eurotrash Princess

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