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I don't think the fuel system can provide enough fuel for
1.2 over atmospheric (that's about 18psi, right?).

With EFI, you won't need any extra injectors- you'll have plenty
unless you try to run something crazy, like 24psi, then you'll
need direct ignition.


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[Answering your questions:

1.  I'm no sure how I'm going to do 2.2 bar yet.  Scott Mockry was
thinking about doing a chip, but I don't think he ever got around to it.
Nobody does a pure electronic solution that I know of (i.e., chip and
transducer, which probably isn't feasible anyway), so I'll either do the
resistor fakey/big spring(resistor changes the resistance the computer
sees, making it think the boost is lower than it is), big
spring/schrapnel knob (device that reduces the air pressure the computer
sees), or a combo of all three.  What I'm waiting for BEFORE I go to 2.2
bar is H20 injection.  Car pings a bit on 91 octane now at 1.8-1.9 bar,
imagine what it will be like at 2.2 bar.  I'm thinking grenade.]

I have been using combined resistor and QLCC chip & shrapknob for some
time and it works fine when dialed in properly - I have set for about 15
PSIg and no pinging with 93 octane on even the hottest days.  I'll get
even more once I hook up the extra injector and 034EFI - someday.


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