Turbo fever (aquamist)

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Really?!? Ooops. My mistake- thanks for the correction, Javad. Do you
any weights so we can see the differences?

Advantage is the RS2 engine has more power potential, unless you just
a S8 engine in there- that would be plenty of power for an UrQ.


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Just to address the weight issue:

Believe it or not, the all aluminum V8 is lighter than an RS2, about the
same weight as a 10v, plus puts it weight a little farther back over the
front axle.


>RE: V8 swap:
>And make a very nose-heavy POS out of an UrQ? Yuck.
>I prefer the RS2 engine (ADU?). Plumbing works correctly
>in an UrQ, 315hp tunable to 380 w/ ease, 400+ is very doable.

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