Turbo fever (aquamist)

Bernard Littau bernardl at acumenassociates.com
Tue Aug 6 17:56:37 EDT 2002

> The Ur-Q has turbo-saver (it
> looks like a nitrous bottle, but it hooks into a pre-water cooled turbo
> to keep it from burning up).  Now aquamist claims to provide cooling
> protection as well as performance gains.  Has anyone used these systems?
> The HP gains claimed for the 900 seemed unbelievably big, almost double
> what a tuned 900 like Graham's gets.  Could they really be all that?

I've read the first sentence, above, a few times now.  At first I thought
the turbo-saver was some kind of pre-turbo cold side water injection.  Now I
am thinking the "nitrous bottle" is an oil reservoir that slowly delivers
the oil back through the turbo after the engine is shut down, to help cool
the turbo.

In this case, the turbo-saver will do nothing to improve performance, it
just functions after the car is shut down to protect the turbo from
overheating the oil in the turbo, and also helping to cool the turbo.

An aquamist water injection system in-and-of-itself will somewhat improve
performance, but more importantly it will allow other modifications that do
improve performance to function much better, in that the injection of water
helps prevent detonation.  If you can get X HP without water injection, then
you can get X+Y HP with water injection.

A good rule is: Unbelievable claims usually are :-)  Adding a turbo can
generally double the HP of most engines.  (NA 10V I5 is what?, 135 HP; stock
MC is 168 HP; tuned MC is 275 HP)  Doubling a tuned turbo, which is what I
assume was being claimed for the 900, would be difficult to do in a reliable
manner. (A 550 HP MC??? :-)

Just some rambling thoughts,

Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5ktq
'99 9-5

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