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Bernard Littau bernardl at acumenassociates.com
Tue Aug 6 18:19:07 EDT 2002

Hi Ned,

I am just looking to get my facts straight, no offense intended...

> The K numbers refer to the turbine side

There are two turbines on a "turbo".  I assume you mean the hot side is
referred to by the "K" number, although I can't reconcile that with what is
below.  Personally, I think the K24 designation of the RS2 turbo was picked
by random chance.  It was a toss up between a K24 and a K26, and none of the
Germans like Javad's idea of a K25 :-)

> The RS2 turbo IS a K24 with special K26 compressor housing. . .

Yes, the part number for the RS2 turbo starts with K24, as do at least a
half dozen other turbos from KKK.

> How is the RS2 turbo different from the "stock" K24?
>      Larger shaft for greater high rpm stability
>      Larger bearings
>      Larger compressor
>         Same exducer diameter as "stock" K26
>         Inducer is larger than both "stock" K24 & K26
>            So "stock" K26 has its own built in restrictor
>            "Stock" K24 does not have enough metal to bore out.
>         Before the RS2 turbo tuners would sleeve a K26 compressor
>         and then machine it larger
>      Larger exducer from the turbine
>         More lag
>            That is why we offer a special model
>            with an exducer between the two.

I am a hot side/cold side student :-)  I am assuming that the inducer is the
cold side and the exducer is the hot side?


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5ktq IA Stage III-ish ECU and IA RS2-ish Turbo

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