Measuring HP

John Shost j_shost at
Tue Aug 6 22:12:42 EDT 2002

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 Someone with the name Eaton should know the difference in efficiency betwe=
en a bunch of worm gears vs. a bevel gear.--- On Fri 07/26, Dave Eaton <=
 Dave.Eaton at > wrote:
From: Dave Eaton [mailto: Dave.Eaton at]To: quattro at audifans.comC=
c: j_shost at excite.comDate: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 10:50:02 +1200Subject: RE: Meas=
uring HPno, it is *only* the bearings that are "eating up" hp.dave'95 rs2'9=
0 ur-q-----Original Message-----Subject: RE: Measuring HPFrom: "John Shost"=
 Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 12:26:20 -0400 (EDT)--[ Picked text/plain from mult=
ipart/alternative ]It's not the bearings that are eating up the HP.>errr=
, no. the torsen will make no difference to quattro driveline lossesona dyn=
o=2E last time i checked there >were 2 bearings on the diff, same aswith=
the earlier generation quattros.

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