What are my front brake upgrade options?

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Wed Aug 7 01:44:08 EDT 2002

Have you checked for problems before throwing parts at it?

Sticky calipers and bad control arm and swaybar bushings can all cause
symptoms that either may be or feel like warped rotors.

I was warping rotors on my 5ktq (3 sets in under 6 months) but after
the swaybar bushings, the problem went away.


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Subject: What are my front brake upgrade options?

I am getting tired of my constantly warping rotors on my 88 5k tq.
Wondering what the different alternatives would be to prevent that and
increasing the breaking power would also be nice.

Anybody has experience with slotted of cross drilled rotors? How about
swapping the front brakes all together. I would love to change them for
Porsche brakes but I'm told it would cost a fortune. Is there anything

Any suggestions? BTDT?


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