Twin turbos....Mental institution

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Wed Aug 7 02:43:55 EDT 2002

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Mike, you have lost it, I'll be calling the authorities in the morning to
drag you away...they will assault your frontal lobe with high pressure blasts
of 30psi, that oughta settle you down some  =)

You sure you want to add all that compexity and weight for a little
creativity?  Not that I wouldn't mind seeing you pull it off, but...


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mdg3369 at writes:

> Ok guys, I've finally gone off the deep end. Someone come take me to the
> insane asylum where I belong! I'm going to put twin turbos on the new MC
> motor once it's broken in and I'm done with the stock cracking EM. I've
> changed my mind away from the K26/27 hybrid. Sure I could probably get the
> same or more power from a single turbo, but hell where's the insanity (some
> call it creativity) in that!? Too many people have done that already. No
> sir
> I'm gonna get myself a pair of 45 Trim Garrett T3s (they'll put out 27psi @
> 70% efficiency on my motor) and make something out of my POS station wagon.
> Details will follow, and all your questions will be answered...
> Mike
> '88 Quantum Syncro turbo/EFI

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