Twin turbos....Mental institution

Michael Gough mdg3369 at
Wed Aug 7 00:54:22 EDT 2002

> Crazy idea, would be interesting to see how it develops. Man, I couldn't
> even figure out how to do a T04e and K26 hybrid (ask Javad :)) let
> alone start thinking about how this twin-turbo is going to be put
> together. :)
Yeah actually putting it together is not going to be all that hard. I've
made some drawings tonight, and it's going to be relatively simple.

> How you thinking of doing it? Both turbines fed from the same manifold
> outlet or some sort of sequential setup?
Yes one manifold, both turbos feeding from it. I'm placing the turbos so
that they take advantage of the firing order the best that they can. Also I
think I can fit them both in the engine bay relatively easily. One turbo
outlet will point down between #1 and #2, putting the turbo close to stock
location, the other will point toward the shock tower between #3 and #4 and
I'll throw in an extension pipe to put it around the airbox area.

> How about a supercharger and a turbocharger? :)
I can't afford that, are you nuts...But oddly enough I CAN afford twin
turbos. Shows how screwy things are here in southern California :)

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