are 1986/87 5ktq brakes really different from other years?

auditude at auditude at
Wed Aug 7 01:51:49 EDT 2002

Hi Donald,

They won't bolt up to your existing strut assemblies.  You would need strut assemblies from an '88-91
80/90, or something, that has those brakes.  I'm not even sure if those strut assemblies would fit on your

I don't have any guide pins laying around.  If another lister doesn't, and junkyards aren't an option (seems
like the likeliest local source), then you might try some of the vendors listed on the Audifans vendor page.



On 6 Aug 2002 at 23:35, Donald Lamond wrote:

> Hello All:
> Did I understand your last post correctly ?  That the  G60 brakes would
> bolt right up to my 84 4Ks  (also known as a Type 80).
>  It currently has Girling calipers with a bent a bent guide pin.  Audi
> dealer does not sell guide pins.  Only complete calipers at $200.00
> Anyone have any guide pins laying around ?  I'm desperate!
> Donald
> 84 4Ks

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