108mm to 100mm conversion....

Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
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The hub-centric ring is to keep the wheel centric, on modern alloys this
one is made out of plastic and is exchangeable to fit several different
hubs. The studs kinda takes the load, but it's really because the wheel
is pressed or clutched to the brake disc/spindle/hub that takes the
load. It is sorta like your clutch can take 300 hp of chipped 20vt :-)

87 Cq

alan pritchard wrote:

>Hmm, I found a whell fitment guide once on the internet, hit google, and yes
>the only usable wheels that came up were ford, however i believe the centre
>taper that fits over the centre of the hub is a different diameter, and as i
>understand it that is extremely importan as the studs are not designed to
>take all the load by themselves (as i recall you would need a 2mm thick
>tapered tube). As far as offsets go i think the use greater offsets than the
>audi et45 (i think they were et35's) which, i believe, if carefully chosen
>would not cause much of a problem ( i used et37 on my cgt on 205 rubber with
>only minor chafing on the rear).
>All this info has been extracted from my head, late at night, so confirm it
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>Dont forget all the old school fords too , fiesta , cortina , pinto , capri
>, escort. Also the mustang through the later 80's used the same bolt
>pattern. Chances are you should be able to find a wheel you like in 4x108mm.
>Also , if you did want to change the hubs , The family album says they use
>different wheel bearings......

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