Replacing heater vent. motor in '93 100CSQ Wagon

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Wed Aug 7 11:29:50 EDT 2002

You didn't mention in the earlier posting that you were replacing just the
blower motor.  You need to remove the box to replace the heater core, but
you usually can replace the blower motor by just tipping the leading edge
of the box up sufficiently to take off the plenum to the evaporator box and
extract the fan/motor assembly.  You have to loosen that seal at the
firewall, but it's usually gooey enough to reseal itself, or you can add
sealing material before lowering the box back into place.

At 10:02 AM 08/07/2002 -0400, David Torrey wrote:

>Success at last!!  The reason the heater box could not  be removed was
>because there is a bolt securing the footwell duct on both the drivers and
>passenger side.  The Bentley does not show this and I couldn't find it at
>first.  This job is no joke !!!  Both halves of the console have to be
>removed along with radio.  There are two electrical plugs attached to the
>heater box directly behind the radio.  These have to be unplugged before
>removing the heater box.  There are also two plastic duct elbows at each end
>of the heater box which connect to the defroster duct.  These are fun to
>I found a procedure in the archives which does not remove the heater box.
>It may work,  but it is very ugly and I wonder about re-establishing a
>proper seal at the fire engine wall.  I wish now that I had a digital camera
>so that I could post the procedure to help others.
>By the way,  a coat hanger bent in a u-shape works great for removing the
>radio.  One for each end of the radio.  Thanks to Bob Meyers.  For some
>reason, my Bose radio when re-connected played.  I was thinking this radio
>had a security code?
>New motor works great, no more chirping.
>Best Regards
>David Torrey
>'93 100CSQ Wagon  148K miles
>'88 Saab 900S  238K miles
>'87 Saab 900S  225K miles
>'79 BMW 320i   105K miles

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