calling all US east coast vintage/rare audi owners

Ben Swann bswann at
Wed Aug 7 11:34:22 EDT 2002

On Tuesday, August 06, 2002 10:53 PM, Brett Dikeman [SMTP:brett at] wrote:
> At 10:40 PM -0400 8/6/02, Ben Swann wrote:
> >It'd be great to have something say a little further down south.  Perhaps
> >my wife would like to go to a wine festival up north - you did say wine
> >festival, right?

That was in jest..Vintage car fest would be cool, and the wine would be optional, or used as a ploy to get S.O. to come along.

So what we get is a vintage (car/wine) festival;-}'  Just as long as you say wine first, then it's ok, and the car is how you get there.


> No, its more of a vintage -car- festival :-)  Organized by Steve
> Earle, the guy who does the Monterey Historics out in CA. See my
> email just a about 10-15 minutes ago on this subject, it explains
> things in more detail.
> Brett

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