calling all US east coast vintage/rare audi owners

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Wed Aug 7 15:43:04 EDT 2002

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Well... You're lucky. I don't need more than one of the following words to
receive "the look" (I don't wait for the words).

Car, Race, Rally, Garage, Tool or ....



ps. Even when it means fixing her car. It is so programmed that she can't
>From: "Duncan Thomson"
>Subject: Re: calling all US east coast vintage/rare audi owners
>Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 15:37:27 +1200
>Ben wrote:
> > It'd be great to have something say a little further down south.
> > my wife would like to go to a wine festival up north - you did say
> > festival, right?
>heh, made that mistake myself just last week...
>local p*rsche club have a mystery drive next sunday which will finish
>with lunch at a vineyard...
>thought I couldn't go wrong with that and suggested it to my girlfriend,
>instant response was, "well, you'll be going alone then..."
>took me a few seconds to realise that I had mentioned 'car' and 'drive'
>in the sentence BEFORE lunch and wine...
>her brain seems to switch off as soon as I say more than one car
>still, live and learn...
>driver's ed the weekend after... and I wanna be alone for that one...!
>85 CQ
>90 944 S2

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