Brake upgrade, 84 4Ks

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Wed Aug 7 13:08:58 EDT 2002

Hi Donald,

The confusion may be partly because there are two different designations, one for the chassis and one for the model.  A early "model 80" (in Europe) is a "type 81" (and later types of the same model were 85 and 89).  The "types" are chassis designations, somewhat for a family of "models".  The model is what the badges say.

My '85 (model) 4000S quattro is a type 85, but if it were in Europe, it would be a model 80 or 90 (probably 90?).  When the USA model names went from the 4000's to the 80/90's, and the chassis type went from 85 to 89.

So, and model 80 in Europe, depending on age/era, could be a type 81, 85, or 89.  In the USA, a model 80 would only be a type 89, since the types 81 and 85 were called 4000's.

Model 5000's are type 44', and became model 200's later in the USA, but were always model 200's in Europe.

It can be confusing, like the A chassis designations used by VW and the A models used by Audi.  Or the G60 referring to brakes on an Audi, but to a motor or supercharger on a VW.

That didn't come out anywhere near as clear as I'd hoped.


Quoting Donald Lamond <dlam119 at>:

> Thankyou for that information Ti.
> Why I thought I had a type 80 is because all of my wheel parts, ATE
> rotors, Mintex pads and  Lucas guide pin kits all indicated that the
> parts were for a type 80.  Reference being, of course, to the European
> model.
> Along with a couple of vendors from the Audifans list,  my last inquiry
> was sent to Chris at Force 5.  I'll be going to a machine shop today to
> see what they can do.
> Again, thanks for the very informative reply,
> Donald
> 84 4Ks

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