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Wed Aug 7 14:45:22 EDT 2002

I have been trying to figure out how to put an "reply all" on my
Eudora Pro for Macintosh and some of my responses should have gone
back to the list . . . growing pains  ;-)
Michael wrote
>Yeah, I simply hit the "reply all" button. That way EVERYONE gets it - and
>the people involved in the conversation get it 2x. Oh, well.

Funny, I have Eudora Pro (Macintosh) and I don't have a reply all
button set up.  Thanks for the tip, I will try to fix that.

Re: The European Car, Canton, CT west of Harford.

My car is running better so I am not going to take action again the
shop.  I paid about $200, instead of $117.50 which I think would have
been more reasonable.    That is the price of trying a shop out I
guess.  I truly feel sorry for the mechanics working for someone who
doesn't work on cars himself.     He was giving me such oily
responses I finally asked him and he said no.

The owner yelled at me when I tried to find out what was working, and
what was not, on my car.  I feel that iut if took them over an hour
to find this hose they would be able to tell me a few things that
were working correctly..    The mechanic was very nice and so was the
office staff.  But I will post European Car to the internet as a
place to avoid because the owner is so unreasonable and cannot be
asked questions without becoming beligerant and antagonistic.

I still need someone in the area to check out our cars when it is
over our head.

Fay, the ice cat

89 Audi 200 Turbo non-Q
2.2 liter engine,
engine code MC, two knock sensors

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