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Wed Aug 7 16:00:12 EDT 2002

Jacob wrote:
>I'm new to the Minneapolis area.  You mentioned that you knew of
>some good audi shops here.
>Could you refer me to a few?

Well, I have been out of the area for about 7 years.   The good shop
we went to in on or right near Lake Street in South Minneapolis.    I
clearly remember that the owner's wife had an Audi.  Or at least that
is what he told us at the time.   Might have changed owners in 7
years . . .

I called Foreign Auto in South Minneapolis and they work on Saabs and
something else, but *not* Audis.

I called Uptown Imports.   The owner is not married, but his name is
John and it seems that that was also the name of the owner, but I am
still checking for you.   I talked to James today there and it is an
import shop and they do work on Audi's.

*BUT* I am not still clear exactly where we went yet.   My husband is
trying to find old repair records which might take a bit. . . . .
will try to get back to you.  I am going to dig out old calendars
from that time period and see whether I can find the name of the
place in there.

Being from the Minneapolis area, I am so homesick for the Midwest I
cannot tell you.

More later,

Fay, the ice cat

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