Repair expectations - Minneapolis area

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Wed Aug 7 16:21:17 EDT 2002

Jacob wrote:
>I'm new to the Minneapolis area.  You mentioned that you knew of
>some good audi shops here.
>Could you refer me to a few?

Addendum . . .
the shop is on or near Lake, *east* of Hennepin Ave.
on the *South* side of Lake Street.

Not too far from So. Hennepin Ave., say within a mile or so.
It might be across from The Best Buy  . . . my husband thought across
from Sears, but that might be too far down.
I cannot find it in my calendars, but that should get you fairly close.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.    They might have closed.

Feel free to write again.   I lived up there most of my life.  Enjoy !
              Fay S. Kelley
"Enjoy the edge you are on . . . don't think about the one to come!"  

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