What are my front brake upgrade options?

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Wed Aug 7 16:51:16 EDT 2002

How about ordering the air scoops and the brake ducting from a
'91 200 and mounting that on your car? That will get more air
to the rotors, but warping them in one stop is strange.


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Thanks for the tips Taka, but unfortunately these are the rotors. I had
them turned as well, they lasted for a while then started in again. It
was just as bad on my previous car. After I just had them done somebody
cut me off and one emergency braking warped them again. I just talked to
a German car specialist recently who has a type 44 turbo and he's having
the same problem. He just ordered slotted rotors to try out. I also
heard that others on the list had warping issues as well, that's why I'm
asking for alternative ideas.


TM wrote:

> Have you checked for problems before throwing parts at it?
> Sticky calipers and bad control arm and swaybar bushings can all cause

> symptoms that either may be or feel like warped rotors.
> I was warping rotors on my 5ktq (3 sets in under 6 months) but after
> replacing the swaybar bushings, the problem went away.
> Taka
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> Subject: What are my front brake upgrade options?
> I am getting tired of my constantly warping rotors on my 88 5k tq.
> Wondering what the different alternatives would be to prevent that and

> increasing the breaking power would also be nice.
> Anybody has experience with slotted of cross drilled rotors? How about

> swapping the front brakes all together. I would love to change them
> for Porsche brakes but I'm told it would cost a fortune. Is there
> anything else?
> Any suggestions? BTDT?
> TIA,
>   Zsolt

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