Lime Rock Park Vintage Festival

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Wed Aug 7 16:54:00 EDT 2002

$150/night for the motel part, I've gotten free upgrades to the main
every time.

Unless there's more of an event than what was at the LRP Speed WC race,
pass. That's a long drive, you know.


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At 12:28 AM -0400 8/7/02, TM wrote:
>Wake Robin Inn is $150/night, BTDT x2 this year.

What part of it did you stay in?  I think its $130 for the side
building rooms, $150 for inside the mansion.

>Aren't the actual races on Monday, Labor Day?

They very well might be- I've been trying to dig up a schedule.
Since tickets are $5 for Sunday and more like $20-25 for Monday, that
sounds about right.

>  If so, I won't be there until Labor Day.

That's a shame, you'll be missing out on a lot Saturday night/Sunday :-)

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