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Wed Aug 7 15:50:40 EDT 2002

"Steve Jensen" <sjensen at> wrote:
>On the other hand, $86 for what I am assuming is a Michelin Man hose seems
>quite expensive.

I believe she was describing the main air intake boot on top of the airflow
sensor (i.e. fuel distributor). This is $51 from Blaufernugen as of last
week when I bought mine. Blau does not always have the best price on every
part, but they are usually competitive on this kind of part.  If the part
came from some other part supplier, e.g. the dealership, it could cost more
than $86 by itself.

It is a PITA to change because of all of the connections into it and the
restriction in movement caused by the fuel distributor and CIS lines.

If the other connections into the air boot were brittle, as they are prone
to be after 15 years of service, then these would be required above and
beyond the cost of the air boot cost. The price of $86 does not seem so bad
considering either the work to carefully transfer the old connections from
the old air boot to the new one or to include new connections in the new
air boot.

All in all, it is much easier to spend more for most Audi repairs and
parts, so if the car works now be thankful and start working on the next

Eric Kissell

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