Twin turbos....Mental institution... Sign us all up...

Dave Aukerman aukdav at
Wed Aug 7 16:02:15 EDT 2002

The k26/27 turbo will, once spooled, make the car move like a scared cat.
In a 200tqw running 2bar, the accel. never ceased to bring a giant smile to
the face.  A little lagy on the bottom, but light the fuse and step back.
Can't imagine what it would be like in a car 800 pounds lighter.


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From: "Michael Gough" <mdg3369 at>
> The thing I'm realizing though, how much power does anyone need? At 6psi
> with the K24 and EFI the car was faster than needed for street use. I have
> feeling the new MC with the k26/27 running 18psi will even be scary to
> on the drag strip. But! If I still want more power, and feel safe on the
> track with it, you all can count on a twin turbo MC around Christmas time
> Mike

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