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Wed Aug 7 17:01:40 EDT 2002

Yet another Addendum . . .

>the shop is on or near Lake, *east* of Hennepin Ave.
>on the *South* side of Lake Street.
>Not too far from So. Hennepin Ave., say within a mile or so.

I finally found it in a calendar.

They were called
European Auto Works
the number was 824-3598 which is now disconnected

I called directory assistance and they don't have a listing for this name.
The guy was old enough that he could have retired by now.

The people I called for info who don't work on Audis (Saabs and
Volvos only) is:

Foreign Auto
2601 Pleasant Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Phone: (612) 871-9476

I called them back yet again and asked for a referral to someone who
works on Audis that might do good work:

This is what I got:


John @ Uptown Imports
South Minneapolis

St. Paul:

Metric Auto Works
near high bridge

That is the best I can do for you at the moment.   Please let the
list know how it goes as I will be holding my breath as I have not
have good luck with car repair this week.   Good luck
              Fay S. Kelley
"Enjoy the edge you are on . . . don't think about the one to come!"  

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