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No issues with drone? My Stromung drones a lot, gotta get that


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> Flowmasters are just plain LOUD. Have you ever heard
> them?
> For muscle cars, I don't know about the latest
> Flowmaster designs,
> but dyno tested, they didn't do too well. Did I
> mention that they're
> loud? Magnaflows are loud as hell too.
> Borla or Dynomax for me (and Borlas are loud, too).
> I did a lot of research on mufflers back in the
> early '90s for my
> truck, decided on Dynomax as the best compromise
> between noise and
> power- Flowmasters were much, much louder without
> any real gains over
> the Dynomax, Dynomax was actually one of the better performing
> mufflers, Borlas are all SS so they're very expensive and I
> don't like their
> "intercooled" tips.
> Taka

I have a 3" Borla, the short XR-1, it was a little to
loud so I had 18" long glaspack added to the system,
now the car sounds perfect, to me anyways.  I bet just
a couple of glasspacks would sound great, plus they
are cheep, and straight through.

Jim Green
'89 90tq 034EFI, Haltech IG5

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