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Jenny Curtis jenny at
Wed Aug 7 15:46:14 EDT 2002


I live in the Minneapolis area.  Here is where I get my Audi fixed:

10 % DIY: cosmetic stuff, body work, trivial things like worn door
handles, broken trunk struts, some brake work, etc

75% Gorshe Auto Repair in Dinkytown.  They are cheap, honest, lovable
guys who can handle most stuff on any import car.  They are also really
conveniently located for me since I work at the University.  Their
familarity with VWs allows them to do typical jobs like oil changes,
brake jobs, heater core replacement and the timing chain.  They readily
admit when there is a job that they can't do and I then take the car to
my Audi specialist.  Gorshe is located on the corner of 8th street and
14th ave S.E.   and their phone number is (612) 331-2035.

15%  Anderson Motor Sport in Chanhassen for all quattro system work and
modifications.  They are more expensive but worth it.  Their labor rate
is higher, but their expertise allows them to finish jobs quickly, hence
lower final bills.  In one case, a job Gorshe quoted me as being $900+
dollars cost me $300 at Anderson because they did it in a fraction of
the time and they used a part off a car in their yard.  Chris, who
normally works on the Princess,  drives a 4ktQ and is an  extremely
gifted  mechanic. They have been generous with me because they know I
drive an older car and I'm not made of money.  I would take my car there
for absolutely everything but it is a big pain for me to get out there
with my work schedule.  I usually end up taking an hour two of vacation
time to sit in rush hour traffic on the way there and back.  Their phone
number 952-937-8639.

Hope this helps,

86 4KQ: The Eurotrash Princess

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