Lime Rock Park Vintage Festival

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Wed Aug 7 18:32:22 EDT 2002

At 3:54 PM -0400 8/7/02, TM wrote:

>Unless there's more of an event than what was at the LRP Speed WC race,
>I'll pass. That's a long drive, you know.

Its probably about as far for you as it was for a lot of people from
NY to Mt. Washington- and this is, while different in many ways,
probably going to be easier for a lot of people.  A lot more racing
action to see, just as many if not more in the way of interesting
cars, the parking will be even better with our own display area AND a
corral parking area, FAR more central to the region(closer to people
like you Taka, as well)... Nothing against Mt. Washington- I was and
still am a die hard fan of that venue, and if it the mountain decides
to do it again, it would take all of 2 seconds for me to say "I'll be
there"- but its probably gone.

This is supposed to be basically Monterey Historics- only east coast
and probably on a somewhat smaller scale; I can't say for sure, since
I've never been to Monterey.  The headliner is a big showing of
Shelby Cobras(40, representing all the different models he ever
built) and there will be lots of exotics/vintage cars and racers.
Our informal Audi-only concours and dinner will be Saturday night.
We're paying the $5 gate fee for people on Sunday; Monday is $25 I
think.  Dinner on Saturday should end up being very cheap- we're
trying subsidize it.

I honestly feel you are getting a lot more bang for the buck from
this event compared to the Speed channel race...You're getting
display/corral parking(we didn't get that), an informal BBQ
dinner(well, you got a pretty fancy lunch and signing session with
Galati/Bell- we can't top that), we'll have two small tents set up
for shelter, and there will be a social event Saturday afternoon
w/car wash+concours.  Everything except lodging and the dinner will
be free- and the dinner -should- end up being pretty cheap.  Woudln't
be too tough to come in under $150 on everything including alone for the Speed event were pretty pricey
because it was such a big name event.

I believe Friday is test day, Saturday is qualifying, Sunday is the
car show day, Monday is race day.  My personal recommendation is that
people drive to Lime Rock Saturday, enjoy the activities the club is
providing, stay the night, come to the car show to check out all the
vintage racers/exotics etc, stay Sunday night, and watch the races

BTW, in case it wasn't clear- this is Labor Day weekend, August 31st-Sept 2nd.

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