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I'd be very interested, however a date would assist in
planning and my answer.....


> Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 22:08:18 -0400
> To: quattro at audifans.com
> From: Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net>
> Subject: Lime Rock Park Vintage Festival
> Folks,
> The Northeast region of the ACCNA(QCUSA) is working to participate
> at
> the Lime Rock Vintage Festival- organized by Steve Earle, the very
> same Steve Earle who started the Montery Historics, so it looks
> like
> it will be one very worthwhile event....think Monterey, only East
> Coast!
> Everything except lodging(thats up to you, varies- see below), gate
> admissions($5) and possibly a group BBQ-style dinner($?) will be
> free, the way it stands now.
> After talking with the track, I'm trying to hammer out some
> details.
> We're opening the event to all members of the Audi community, odd
> even cylinder cars, new and old :-)
> Here's the one hiccup: in order to get your car parked on the track
> on display, you have to be there early in the morning: 8:30 or so.
> We will have corral parking accessible all day, so its not an
> all-or-nothing arrangement...Both parking will be available to
> -anyone- with an Audi- Lime Rock Park asked us to get as many cars
> parked on the track as possible, they want to FILL the entire track
> as much as possible(to that end they're starting with 40 Shelby
> Cobras :-)
> For most folks, 8:30 probably means staying the night somewhere
> close
> by.  So, I'm trying to make it more worthwhile.  There are much
> more
> tentative plans for a social/car wash Saturday afternoon, informal
> concours late afternoon(open to ALL, informal "judging" by your
> peers- exterior, interior, and engine compartment only), and a
> group
> dinner Saturday night, probably an outdoor BBQ-all of it will most
> likely be on the club(dinner might end up being $10/person or
> something like that, I have to find out how much its going to cost,
> clear it with the board, etc- NO promises!)
>    People would still be welcome to join us Sunday if they want.
> Lodging is somewhat pricey in the area, but I noticed
> Torrington(15-20 miles away) has a new big-chain hotel(days inn I
> think) that was just built/rebuilt and is $70-100/night.  Rooms at
> the Wake Robin Inn(under entirely new management and supposedly
> 1000x
> better than it was a few years ago- its the preferred place of Skip
> Barber schools for their own people now) will probably be around
> $120-130/night, but I haven't called to talk to them yet(its a B&B;
> rooms inside the mansion are slightly more expensive than rooms in
> the motel-style building next to it.  A very nice breakfast is
> served
> at any time in the AM, which would be nice for anyone staying.)
> So!  Survey says!
> a)if this whole thing goes off without a hitch, would you come for
> the full shindig, or would you be coming Sunday only?  Would you
> come
> for the car wash social, concours, dinner?
> b)if yes to staying overnight, where would you probably end up
> staying?(I will try to negotiate with both places, but need some
> rough numbers.)
> c)if you're only coming Sunday, would you either be able to get in
> early enough(8:30am) to make it onto the track parking area, or
> would
> you be joining us in our open-all-day Audi-only Corral?
> d)how many of you would there be?  Please specify adult vs child
> #'s
> if you can(families are by all means welcomed to this event- with
> tons of old cars, looks like a great family event.)
> I need answers back on this ASAP!  Please reply to me directly.
> Brett

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