Twin turbos....Mental institution... Sign us all up...

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Thu Aug 8 00:28:25 EDT 2002

Heh, I already have 280 HP in my coupe quattro (okay, before grenading the
tranny) and I still want more! What I'm looking for is BRUTALITY so if with
an RS2 turbo/EM and 350-360 HP it's not enough, I'll be going the twin
turbo route with more than 450 HP at the end... a K14 for bottom end (this
is what the 2.5l V6 TDI engines run here) and a K28 or 29 for the top end...

Won't that make HUGE grins on acceleration??????? :)))))))


At 16:20 7/08/2002 -0400, TM wrote:
>You can never have too much power!
>Having driven a full RS2'ed S6, I need more power. 280 doesn't cut it
>anymore, I need 370. If I had a eS2, it would be less of an issue due
>to the much lower weight.

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