Follow up: Bizarre behavior: no start 20v200 avant

Tom Donohue donohue at
Wed Aug 7 18:43:30 EDT 2002

Well, I finally isolated the intermittant no-start problem to a faulty
ignition switch (again...).  The previous owner replaced it about 3
years ago with one that is not keyed to the doors, thus requiring
separate keys.  Anyone have any idea for locating one, other than my
(shudder) local dealer?  Since I have to get a new switch, I am
definitely going to key it to the door locks.   I still am puzzled by my
windshield wiper behavior, though.  As some of you may remember, when
the car stopped starting, the non-parking wipers cured themselves!  For
the past several months, the wipers, although working fine when turned
on, just refused to park in the down position, bouncing up a couple of
inches when turned off.  Now they don't do that anymore.  Appreciate any
ideas on that as well.  Regards, Tom

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