CIS injector parts question (5ktq)

qshipaz at qshipaz at
Wed Aug 7 22:44:48 EDT 2002

Greetings Audinauts,

The Hangar Queen ('86 5ktq) is getting attention in various areas- I have n=
o idea what caused the no-start and loss of compression, but it runs as wel=
l as it did previously now (go figure). Or rather, it did till I pulled out=
 fuel injectors with an eye to replacing the seals (I suspect a leak there =
given the faint fuel odor, odd idle characteristics, and emissions test fai=
lure). Took two trips but I now have the proper CIS injector O-rings, not o=
nes they first sold me for some mystery EFI 5ktq (Javad, is that you??) Wha=
t I don't have, though, is one of the circlips which hold the donut-like up=
per seal in place. It predictably shot off into the far reaches of the gara=
ge, and I can't find it. I haven't done the other injectors yet because I'm=
 afraid of this phenomenon.

So, does anyone:
know if these are available separately? P/N?
Have any they'd care to sell me? (I think enough for 4 engines could be mai=
led for 74c postage!)
or, last resort, know definitively if the MC engine uses the same injectors=
 as the NA 5K mill? Got two '84s and an '87 as close as the pull-yer-part!

next time I pull one of those spring clips, I think I'll do it in the bathr=
oom, with the drain shut (grin)- they're rocket propelled, I heard the clip=
 hit concrete 10 feet away before it vanished...


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