Junkyard wars, or surprise parts interchangeability

qshipaz at juno.com qshipaz at juno.com
Wed Aug 7 23:03:58 EDT 2002

Hello again,

In my return to the Audi fold, I've put to use Datsun 240Z mentality with r=
egard to parts... been driving one of those for two years, and the secret i=
s finding out what odd parts interchange. You can run a 240Z very, very, ve=
ry cheaply if you have a good boneyard nearby and the inside scoop on other=
 cars' parts that fit. Mine has Isuzu Impulse weattherstripping, a Honda Ci=
vic blower fan, Suzuki bike H4s, and will soon be receiving a Subaru LSD 3.=
90 rearend. All these things directly bolt in with no mods at all. Back to =
Audis, though:
Ken Keith has commented on my affinity for used parts- it's a different app=
roach than most, but with a running CGT costing about what a window regulat=
or *for* a running CGT costs, I can't help but lean towards DatsunLogic mos=
t of the time. Thus, in two months of playing with a 5ktq - and my roommate=
 acquiring a CGT from the same vendor simultaneously- a couple notes on thi=
ngs that fit:

'84 4000S 4cyl coolant reservoir fits neatly in a 5ktq, same capacity
'85 Volvo 740 sunroof guide/brackets fit a TQ also
'80 4000 manual crank windows fit an '86 CGT
'82 4000 fuel pump works exactly the same as '86 CGT pump, but the terminal=
s were different. (CGT pump had a hole in the side of it!)

More to come, I'm sure. If you're a fanatic about getting exactly the right=
 part, think of this as something to file under "in a serious pinch", then.=
 I just find that for items such as coolant tanks, finding a cheaper altern=
ative frees up funds for things where there *is* a functional difference.

And of course, I would not scrimp on serious stuff. My cars get a steady di=
et of Chevron, Castrol, and have Optima batteries, but if I can find a wind=
ow regulator which works for $10 like I just did- it's goin' in!

And remember: At 100K miles, the *whole car* is made of used parts!

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