FW: FW: Turbo fever (aquamist) - water injection idea

Livolsi, Stephane Stephane.Livolsi at investorsgroup.com
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Absolutely correct, It was a very inefficient and unscientific system,
mostly it just made me feel good about doing it, and kept the insides of my
engine clean (we don't need no steenkin Techron...).  In retrospect, I
probably should have used the vacuum to hold a spring loaded valve closed
and as engine speed increased, vacuum dropped and the valve would start to
open and allow more water into the engine.  When I get the landrover rebuild
done (with a NA Ford 302) I may try this.

I like your suggestion about pressurizing the water bottle - as a matter of
fact, it smacks of genius.  Pressurize the water bottle with the boost and
like you said, the more boost, the more water.....I think I may pursue
this.... will keep you all posted.
If I start doing stuff like this I better buy a g-tech pro first, so that I
can measure any performance gains (or losses:())

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> > Very simple, actually, I teed an intake manifold vacuum line and ran the
> > extra line to a second windshield washer bottle that I mounted in the
> engine
> > compartment.
> > This was a very unscientific experiment with no hard numbers measuring
> > before and after performance, but during a subsequent rebuild of the
> heads
> > on that engine, I can tell you that those were some of the cleanest
> > combustion chambers I have ever, ever seen on any engine.
> great way to clean the chambers, yes.  But isn't the water volume
> highest when vacuum is highest?  IE, when you need it least?  At WOT and
> working hard, there is the least vacuum, right?
> > I was pondering messing with this on my 5ktq until reality slapped me in
> the
> > face - there is no vacuum to suck up the water in the turbo engine - it
> > would probably just blow bubbles in the water tank.  Those of you with
> NA
> > Audi's may want to give this a try.
> You can use a one way valve, but see above comment again.
> With a turbo, of course, you could *pressurize* the water bottle, via an
> adjustable restrictor valve, with a little "intake" air, and then the
> higher the boost, the more water flows...?
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