Arcane parts search

Jerald S. Beer gsfent at
Wed Aug 7 19:16:56 EDT 2002

Ok, I need to replace a plastic guide on the seat track (driver seat)of
my new to me 94 Cabriolet. The mech checked with the dealer and cannot
find it on the parts fiche. He describes it as about 2 inches long and
maybe 1/2 inch wide, with a little nipple on the bottom. The seat track
rides on this plastic runner. Since the Cab is based on the 90 I would
think all 2 doors (90, Quattro Coupe 20v) would have the same seats and
same runner. Chris S was good enough to check and doesn't have what I
need. Looking either for the part or a part # so I can get it from the
stealer. As you might imagine, not a lot of Audi's here in south Florida
so junker is not realistic. Any leads would be appreciated.
Jerry (south Florida)
91 200qa
97 Cab
94 Cab
Assorted non Audi's to ferry parts!

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