Brake upgrade, 84 4Ks

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Thu Aug 8 01:46:27 EDT 2002

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>My '85 (model) 4000S quattro is a type 85, but if it were in Europe, it would be a model 80 or 90 (probably 90?).
4-cylinder cars were called 80, 5-cylinder cars were called 90. This was
only from 85-up (after the facelift) to create a more luxurious and
powerful mid-size model, and a "little brother" to the 200, which
already was a more luxurious, powerful model of the 100. There were
5-cylinder 80s from 82-84 though, and one 4-cylinder 90 model; it was
the turbodiesel which used the 1.6TD from the Passat/Quantum.

>  When the USA model names went from the 4000's to the 80/90's, and the chassis type went from 85 to 89.
>So, and model 80 in Europe, depending on age/era, could be a type 81, 85, or 89.
Or B4. And while the B4 retaind the 90 name in USA, the 90 name was
dropped in Europe at the same time as the 200 was dropped from the
lineup, 1992. From now on, they were 80s, no matter if they were 4-, 5-,
or 6-cylinder models.

>Model 5000's are type 44', and became model 200's later in the USA, but were always model 200's in Europe.
Or 100. The 200 usually had turbo engines (but were available with a 2.2
NA with 136 hp), more luxurious equipment and more power features. The
100 series were available with engines such as 1.8/90 hp 4-cyl, and
5-cyl diesel with some 70 or so hp, among others.

Just my $.02

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