Repair expectations - help ?

Ice Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at
Wed Aug 7 22:08:25 EDT 2002

Hi Wes !
>please tell us the place name

The European Car,  Canton, CT, suburb west side of Hartford

>and NEVER EVER come back to use their
>services, nor their parts.
>Believe me, no other action makes a bigger impact on their behaviouir.

I agree and thanks for the suggestion.

>I have done it to a car dealer, same thing to one of a a major credit card
>banks and it works!!!!!!!  We could complain, bitch, express any
>feelings we want and they will pi$$ on
>it as long as they have our business.  We could even spit on the
>genereal manager face and he
>would claim that it is raining, but when we quit dealing with them,
>then they will feel it. That SPEAKS VOLUMES!!  Never forget, we deal
>with people that make so much, they could not care
>less about us.  At the same time when we leave them alone they will
>immediately tell the
>difference.  Their greediness has no limits.

Right on !

>I love to deal with people that are responsive, businesslike and caring.  It
>is what America is about.  But at the same time I think that is
>about time to get rid of those money
>grabbers that rake it left and  right without regard of what happens
>to the people that get ripped.

  While I worked for a Division Manager of Control Data in Minnesota
during the early 70s, he told me that unethical businesses won't
last.  And it the midwest that seems to be more true than the east
The first time I had my car repaired in upstate NY it was frozen
emergency brake.   Estimate $150.
No problem.  I did not get it in writing and when I went to pick it
up it was over $600 and he refused to give us our car until we paid
the entire bill.  I am sure everyone has more horror stories.  Fay

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