Repair expectations - help ?

Ice Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at
Wed Aug 7 22:13:37 EDT 2002

>I have lost my thought trying to respond the way for all the audifans to see
>For some reason I can not send my mails to the audiforum, therefore  I am
>to you.

I cannot set up my mail on reply to go to the list, so what I do it
to hit reply, delete the individual and put "Audi" in which is the
nick name in my address book for the list emailing address.

>I would rather overpay a part or a job at a nice place then save a
>few hundred dollars at a business that sucks.  I am VERY persistant
>in this way and have already two big sharks fired because of their

Well the way I try to over pay them is to send as much business their
way as possible.  With the internet nowadays it is not surprising
that we can hit them in their wallet a lot quicker than before.

I don't know whether you all know this or not, but I am a newbie to
computers and didn't know this until recently, but if you put your
own name or that of an auto repair place which you have posted a
negative advertisement about will show up eventually after the web
crawlers have picked up your post.

It'll catch up with the greedy little bums.       Fay

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