Repair Expectations Minneapolis Area

Mark Erickson wildcat63 at
Wed Aug 7 22:53:23 EDT 2002

When I had my Volvo I had good luck at a place called Gorshe Brothers it was
I believe on 8th Ave. SE. Near the U of M Mpls Campus. They never tried to
screw me over on fixing the old Volvo and even did wonders with a Geo Metro
I brought them that had a screwed up fuel injector for very little $$$.

I know they kind of specialized on the Volvos but I saw then working on just
about anything when I was there.

There is also a place called Euro Tech in Roseville on County Rd. C, It has
been there for several years I never used them but I haven't heard anything
bad about them either.

Mark Erickson

98 A6 Avant

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