NAC: France trip

Boris813 at Boris813 at
Thu Aug 8 02:24:28 EDT 2002

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I strongly recommend AutoEurope.  I've rented from them in several countries
and had excellent results.  They are a broker in Portland ME.  They place you
with major rental companies at reduced rates.  I would also recommend using
an American Express Gold or higher card or one of the other premium cards as
they enable you bypass collision damage waiver (CDW) which can almost double
your daily rate.  Check the card's website to be sure the CDW coverage is a
feature of the card.  Also, there are some countries it won't apply to, such
as Ireland.  Automatics are difficult and expensive to get, and IMO stupid
anyway.  Assuming you will be there in the fall, skip the AC.  I'd recommend
the smallest car you're comfortable with as roads are narrow, parking is
tight, quick handling is essential and gas is at least $4 a gallon.

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