Junkyard wars, or surprise parts interchangeability

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Your one comment makes me curios. You say "'82 4000 fuel pump works exactly the same as '86 CGT pump, but the terminals were different. (CGT pump had a hole in the side of it!)" but it is my understanding that if you use the 4 cylinder relay in a 5 cylinder car that you'll end up with a car that won't rev out past about 4,800 RPM. This is assuming the 82 4K you used for the parts was a 4000S with the 4 cylinder engine. Anybody care to comment?


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Hello again,

In my return to the Audi fold, I've put to use Datsun 240Z mentality with regard to parts... been driving one of those for two years, and the secret is finding out what odd parts interchange. You can run a 240Z very, very, very cheaply if you have a good boneyard nearby and the inside scoop on other cars' parts that fit. Mine has Isuzu Impulse weattherstripping, a Honda Civic blower fan, Suzuki bike H4s, and will soon be receiving a Subaru LSD 3.90 rearend. All these things directly bolt in with no mods at all. Back to Audis, though:
Ken Keith has commented on my affinity for used parts- it's a different approach than most, but with a running CGT costing about what a window regulator *for* a running CGT costs, I can't help but lean towards DatsunLogic most of the time. Thus, in two months of playing with a 5ktq - and my roommate acquiring a CGT from the same vendor simultaneously- a couple notes on things that fit:

'84 4000S 4cyl coolant reservoir fits neatly in a 5ktq, same capacity
'85 Volvo 740 sunroof guide/brackets fit a TQ also
'80 4000 manual crank windows fit an '86 CGT
'82 4000 fuel pump works exactly the same as '86 CGT pump, but the terminals were different. (CGT pump had a hole in the side of it!)

More to come, I'm sure. If you're a fanatic about getting exactly the right part, think of this as something to file under "in a serious pinch", then. I just find that for items such as coolant tanks, finding a cheaper alternative frees up funds for things where there *is* a functional difference.

And of course, I would not scrimp on serious stuff. My cars get a steady diet of Chevron, Castrol, and have Optima batteries, but if I can find a window regulator which works for $10 like I just did- it's goin' in!

And remember: At 100K miles, the *whole car* is made of used parts!

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