FW: Turbo fever (aquamist) - water injection idea

Thu Aug 8 09:50:06 EDT 2002

exactly! this is great for cleaning your intake and combustion chambers but it will not help with detonation for the reason Huw said, you want the water to spray under full load. and all you really want is a VERY fine mist and to do this you need a very high pressure pump like the one that comes with the aquamist system which operates at up to 250 psi.
I have the system 1s on my 5KTQ and it is of very high quality. the spray is activated by a pressure switch that is connected to a vacuum line and it is an amazingly fine mist.
I use it more for insurance (on my 200K++ mile car) than to make crazy amounts of power and to help make up for a very porly designed intercooler.
they have a good web site that explains the different systems www.aquamist.co.uk

Mike Guidotti

> This was a very unscientific experiment with no hard numbers measuring
> before and after performance, but during a subsequent rebuild of the heads
> on that engine, I can tell you that those were some of the cleanest
> combustion chambers I have ever, ever seen on any engine.

great way to clean the chambers, yes.  But isn't the water volume
highest when vacuum is highest?  IE, when you need it least?  At WOT and
working hard, there is the least vacuum, right?

> I was pondering messing with this on my 5ktq until reality slapped me in the
> face - there is no vacuum to suck up the water in the turbo engine - it
> would probably just blow bubbles in the water tank.  Those of you with NA
> Audi's may want to give this a try.

You can use a one way valve, but see above comment again.

With a turbo, of course, you could *pressurize* the water bottle, via an
adjustable restrictor valve, with a little "intake" air, and then the
higher the boost, the more water flows...?

Huw Powell



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