Twin turbos....Mental institution... Sign us all up...

Thu Aug 8 09:59:52 EDT 2002

and there is something wrong with that?? just think of all the cool stories you could tell about how you sheared all of your wheel bolts off while racing and besides...  its a good way to find all the weak parts of the car, you drive it,  break it, replace the part with really strong beefy mega expensive parts untill nothing breaks! =)
sounds like a plan to me.... as long as I am not footing the bill

Mike Guidotti

>>> "Michael Gough" <mdg3369 at> 08/07/02 06:43PM >>>
> Heh, I already have 280 HP in my coupe quattro (okay, before grenading the
> tranny) and I still want more! What I'm looking for is BRUTALITY so if with

So apparently what you have isn't brutal enough? I see, you want to break
all the wheel studs off, sheer off the half shafts, make the tranny, and
diffs explode into a million pieces, and blow up every CV joint on the car!
Simply destroying your center differential isn't enough for ya ;)

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